Saturday, 27 November 2010

Rubbish week for weight loss

So I went back to WW today - haven't been for the past 2 weeks (hence no blog) because I have been away in both London and Sheffield. I have put 1.5 lbs on, which i'm not too shocked about as I didnt have most of the books with me so it was all guestimate - i was also told my inital points were too high so hopefully i will have a loss next saturday :D

The main topic in this weeks WW was about exercise which is exactly what I have tried to focus my week on. The week started great - I got back from Sheffield on Sunday, got up monday and went to 2 exercise classes (a spin and a body pump class) and then tuesday I went to another cardio class. I go the gym about 3 times a week anyway, but this week I also decided that I would start t try and run outdoors as i'd like to do a 10k next year. Wednesday morning I went for a run with my mum, we did a warm up walk for 5 minutes and said when we reached a certain point we would run. However, me being me, as soon as we reached that point I tripped and fell flat on my face. I have cut my knee badly and its all swollen and infected which has stopped me doing exercise all week - it hurts to even walk :'( thats that out the window.

Anyway I now have all of my books, plus a calculator, and my accurate points so hope this week will be a little more successful.

Here's to a skinnier me next week :)

Monday, 15 November 2010

The start of my journey....

So after an amazing weekend in London with my friends, I am starting the new weightwatchers pro points plan. A little scared, but more excited at the prospect of losing my image as the fat friend I am ready to undertake this long journey.

As it is the first week I don't particularly have too much to say, however I will be uploading pictures to go along with my journey to help show the changes visually.

I am 5' 10" and weight 15stone 9.5 lbs